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Slingshot's Description

Asylum Performance 
The weapon of choice for 2016 world champion Carlos Mario, the Asylum’s rocker profile and aggressive NACA channeling yields crazy amounts of pop, fast top-end speeds and soft landings. While a solid crossover board for general freeriding, the Asylum is better suited for aggressive riders who prefer plenty of power and are specifically looking for the freestyle-focused benefits that higher rocker provide. Aggressive NACA channeling improve edge control and pop and streamline water flow to increase board speed. 

Rider Profile 
Dedicated freestyle/wakestyle riders who specifically want a high-rocker board designed for massive pop, soft landings and unrivaled flat water performance. This board will excel for any rider who is looking for maximum grip through turns and while loading up to boost. More grip means more power, which means more height and loft. The Asylum is built for the rider who knows no limits and wants no limits. 

Asylum Highlights 
+ High-performance freestyle and flatwater shredder 
+ Huge pop, soft landings 
+ Weapon of choice for 2016 World Champion Carlos Mario 
+ Aggressive channeling creates board speed and grip 
+ Lively and durable wood-core construction 
+ Universal M6 Hardware 

Asylum Includes 
+ 4 X 2” ( 5.08 CM ) KITE FINS 

2018 SLINGSHOT - Asylum 134

Artikelnummer: S.18226134
CHF 679.00 Standardpreis
CHF 339.50Sale-Preis
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