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Sizes: 2.8 - 3.5 - 4 - 4.5 - 5.2 - 6.2 - 6.9


Maximum power, top speed, easy manoeuvres


ENSIS wings are known for their high performance. The SCORE Limited Edition will simply blow you off your feet with its power, speed and yet easy manoeuvrability. The pure bliss, when you fly at full speed over the water and a jump catapults you far into the sky. The X-PLY canopy material combined with the Hookipa fabric used for the leading edge allows an ultra-stiff profile resulting in instant power.


The perfectly placed innovative, rigid handles add to the high responsiveness and direct steering. And yet, the SCORE Limited Edition feels light and balanced in your hand while flying. When racing with friends or competing for medals in course races, the radical upwind and downwind angles and the big wind range will thrill you.


The ENSIS SCORE Limited Edition is for any ambitious rider who wants to feel pure performance and the highest quality.

ENSIS - SCORE II Limited Edition

Artikelnummer: E25.22.020.Oran
Preisab CHF 1'574.10
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    For ambitious discoverers to experts

    This high performance wing is for all ambitious wing enthusiasts who crave power, speed and high jumps and enjoy all the benefits of ultra-direct steering and control.


    Top speed

    The X-PLY canopy combined with the Hookipa fabric used for the leading edge allows an ultra-stiff profile. Therefore, no power is released, and the maximum speed is reached.


    Instant power 

    The exceptionally high rigidity of the wing transforms the rider’s movement into an immediate response, generating instant power and forward momentum.


    Light and balanced while flying 

    The enormous power generated by the wing is steady and feels comfortable in your hands. Let yourself be surprised by how light and balanced the SCORE Limited Edition feels while flying!

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