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Sizes: 5'8" 172.7 cm x 71.1 cm x 110L - 5'11" 180.3 cm x 76.2 cm x 120L



These larger, bulkier Raptor wing foil boards are perfect for riders new to wing foiling. They are very stable, even without a foil, and allow for easy paddling and smooth take-off.


+ Superfly x (SFX) construction.
+ Compact design with rounded nose
+ Contoured deck
+ Rear foil placement
+ Narrow footstrap placement and volume distribution
+ Double slotted fin box rails for plate mounting system
+ Diamond grooved textured EVA deck pad
+ Kicktail pad

SIC - Raptor Foil Board SFX

Artikelnummer: 108254
CHF 1'649.00 Standardpreis
CHF 1'484.10Sale-Preis
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