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Color: Titanium

Sizes: 135x47cm


Kite / Wake Foilboard




Step up your foiling game with roll to ride water starts, magic glide, fast set up and fuss-free travelling.


The Sense delivers strength and performance in a lightweight and durable wood core construction.


Even on the lightest wind days, this board is your gateway to new adventures

2022 NORTH - Sense Foil Board

Artikelnummer: N13.220012.196
CHF 769.00 Standardpreis
CHF 576.75Sale-Preis

    • Low volume and neutral buoyancy
    • Improved board stiffness
    • Low profile shape
    • Free and Free-V Foil Strap Inserts
    • Fast-mounting 165x90mm foil connection
    • Max-grip corduroy deckpad
    • Affordable performance
    • Foil sold separately




    Board, Sense Screw Pack (4x M8x23mm), Foil Strap Screws (5x M6x18mm, 5x M6x20mm). Straps sold separately.

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