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Sizes: 1080cm2 - 1230cm2




We’ve engineered our Sonar Surf Series for super low stall speeds, effortless pumping and surf-style carving. Ideal for riders wanting more from surf and downwind swells (with or without a wing).


The foils insensitivity to angle of attack change forgiveness means you don’thave to be an expert or have perfect pumping technique. A refined balance of roll stability and manoeuvrability gives you confidence during pumping and take-offs, and the ability to initiate powerful rail-to-rail carves.


Push it harder, lip stall and lay down banking turns, knowing tip ventilation is a thing of the past.


Reduced distance between the mast and front wing makes for faster, tighter pivoting turns.


We’ve kept the span similar between the three sizes, providing the same ride feel across the entire size range.


The SF promises that frictionless sensation of glide at slower speeds. Responsive and agile. With intuitive recovery.


Wakesurfing ten waves back, prone-surfing, wing-surfing, pumping or mastering the downwind.


The Sonar SF Series. At one, with it all.

2023 NORTH - Sonar Surf Front Wing

Artikelnummer: 85004.230092.900
CHF 669.00 Standardpreis
CHF 602.10Sale-Preis
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    • Recommended with S215 Stabilizer
    • Super low stall speed
    • Effortless pumping
    • Surf-style turning (smooth rail to rail and surf yaw snap
    • Forgiving and accessible for faster progression




    • Pre-Preg Carbon
    • Titanium Screws
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