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Color: Black

Sizes: S-M // L-XL




At North, we understand comfort is critical to performance. That’s why we’ve dedicated two years to refining our best value lightweight binding, ensuring a balance of simplicity and support with a single fastening strap and anatomical cushioned footbed.


We’ve identified exactly what you need and removed what you don’t, crafting every detail with fine precision.

2024 NORTH - Flex TT Bindings

Artikelnummer: 85003.240030.900
CHF 129.00 Standardpreis
CHF 116.10Sale-Preis
  • Features

    • Lightweight and minimal design
    • Fast assembly and adjustment
    • Anatomical comfort with grip when wet
    • Seamless KnitFlex top strap
    • Industry standard 6-6.5” screw spacings



    2x Straps, 2x Footpads, 4x M6x16mm Buttonhead Screws

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