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The Armstrong Ultimate Wing Waist Leash is a great accessory for any brand inflatable wing on the water.  This leash uses a non-chaffing bungee spectra rope, has a comfortable waist strap that won’t release, and there is a quick release just in case you get in trouble.


High Quality Spectra Bungee:

The spectra bungee rope that Armstrong selected for this leash is super strong and won’t break or get stretched out like other wing leashes do.  Also this material does not chafe you when It wraps around your arm or side on transitions.


Quick Release For Safety:

Anyone that is wing foiling in the surf knows that things can go bad quickly if you get tangled up in your board and wing leash.  The quick release allows you to eject from your wing in the event you get tangled with a kiter or even yourself.


Waist Belt That Stays On:

The waist belt that Armstrong made allows you to double back on the strap so it won’t loosen up while you are riding.  There are also neoprene covers you can slide over the buckle so they don’t release it by mistake.


What’s Included:

  • Waist Leash
  • Quick Release
  • Pigtail Wing Attachment

ARMSTRONG - Wing Ultimate Waist Leash

Artikelnummer: AWWL
CHF 99.00Preis
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