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Sizes: 27L, 37L, 47L, 57L, 67L, 77L, 87L, 97L, 107L, 117L, 137L, 167L


The price is for the board only. Additionally, a board bag will be charged separately afterwards.


Wing Foil | Surf Foil


Amazing performance, lightweight & solid, bursting colors


In a vibrant and expansive colour range available in 12 familiar sizes, the ROCK’N’ROLL returns with a fresh new look. Drawing inspiration from the bright colours of the TOP SPIN wing, stand out on the water like never before.


The ROCK’N’ROLL offers a compact shape with a distinctive concave outline, delivering unparalleled stability and control both on the water and in the air. Efficient bottom shaping and outline ensure swift take-offs, while the wide and upturned nose allows easy rebound from foil touchdowns and aerial maneuvers. The construction is lightweight, durable, and water-ready.


Look and feel like a PRO!

ENSIS - Rock’n’Roll

Preisab CHF 1'449.00
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    “The ROCK’N’ROLL is now in bright colours, so all ENSIS riders will look and feel like a PRO. When I see a group of wingfoilers with the colorful ENSIS gear, I feel like I am winging with a swarm of butterflies. This motivates and inspires my creativity on the water.”
    Balz Müller

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