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Sizes: 27L 37L 47L 57L 67L 77L 87L 97L 117L 137L 167L


The price is for the board only. Additionally, a board bag will be charged separately afterwards.


Custom Carbon Sandwich


High performance and quality

Ultimate stability, smooth touchdowns, lightweight, solid


ROCK'N'ROLL Wing Board


For anyone who wants to dance on the water. Based on the revolutionary concave outline combined with a compact shape, the ENSIS ROCK'N'ROLL wing foil board offers exceptional stability and control when starting in choppy water, when accelerating onto the foil and when flying. The innovative shape provides high maneuverability and supports unlimited actions in the air. Landing in water the wide nose enables smooth nosedives and then you're back up foiling again before you know it.


Highest quality construction for best performance.

ENSIS - Rock'nRoll WingBoard

Artikelnummer: E22.23.010
Preisab CHF 1'014.30
  • Accessories

    The ROCK'N'ROLL is offered as a board only option.

    All accessories may be purchased.


    ROCK'N'ROLL board bag

    Is a specifically designed ENSIS ROCK'N'ROLL board bag for each board size. Many practical details such as compression straps, padded shoulder strap, screw pocket and foil center zipper help you protect and carry your ENSIS board.


    Foil knee leash

    The ENSIS coiled knee leash has a padded velcro loop and a heavy duty swivel. At full length it measures 140 cm long.



    ENSIS footstraps offer a comfortable fit, a memory fitting and a screw system.

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