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Sizes: 3.6 Purple - 4.1 Mint - 4.6 Yellow


Boom-Wing / boom not included


Freeride | Freestyle | Wave


Amazing handling and direct control, easy manoeuvres and rotations

The long-desired ENSIS boom wing, the TOP SPIN, is here. For all riders who want to dance on the water and feel the freedom of infinite grip options. A new world of riding opens up to you. Ambitious discoverers love the direct response and the power of this compact, high performance wing.


Experts love the ultra-direct, maximum control combined with the new riding opportunities thanks to the boom. The ergonomic, lightweight boom, and its innovative ENSIS Click Fix mounting system, ensure full power transmission.


The boom is designed to offer great comfort and a firm grip supporting everyone in their moves. The same boom fits all three available sizes. The TOP SPIN, packed in a backpack with a smart design, is an eye-catcher on land. And even more so on the water. feel the passion!

ENSIS - Top Spin

Artikelnummer: E25.22.030
CHF 969.00 Standardpreis
CHF 872.10Sale-Preis

    For ambitious discoverers to experts
    This high performance wing is for all ambitious wing surfers longing for the riding opportunities made possible by the boom.


    Ideal for smaller riders
    Smaller riders greatly appreciate the compact shape of the TOP SPIN. The relatively short wing span helps to avoid touching the water with the wing tips. Furthermore, the back hand doesn't need to be positioned so far back.


    Perfectly shaped and positioned boom
    The ergonomic, stiff and lightweight boom is perfectly balanced positioned on the strut. Quick and easy to assemble, the innovative mounting system provides incredible rigidity for ultra-direct power transmission. One boom fits all wing sizes.


    Easy manoeuvres and rotations
    The boom allows your hands to always be in the right position, whether you are trying your first tacks or the wildest air rotation.


    Unlimited tricks
    The infinite grip options open up a new world of wing surfing. Whether it is one-handed tricks high in the air or reverse riding, only the sky is the limit.


    Easy handling in waves
    Without looking you can grab the boom and slide your hands back and forth if needed. When flown engaged, the boom and the short wingspan allow you to really lean forward in the bottom turn and quickly move the
    wing in your top turn.


    Light in low winds, stable in strong winds
    With your active pumping technique you will enjoy the TOP SPIN in low winds. Once flying, the wing develops an immediate power. The rigidity and high stability give you all the control you need in strong winds.


    Ultra-direct response
    The strut is directly connected to the canopy, resulting in an incredibly direct response. Combined with the known high rigidity of all ENSIS wings, there is less wasted energy and more power for your moves.


    Smart backpack
    The backpack is an eye-catcher and offers many features: ergonomic back part and shoulder straps for comfortable carrying, large zip opening for easy packing, adjustable size for packing with or without boom, large side pockets and more.

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